Eco Plus Premium Cartridges protect us and our future generations
by protecting Mother Earth!!!

save up to 50%
  • Eco Plus Premium Cartridges reduce CO2 Emission as CO2 Emissions are released into the atmosphere when new cartridges are manufactured. Therefore, by buying Eco Plus Premium Cartridges you are doing your part in helping to reduce CO2 Emissons (To learn more about CO2 Emissions you can visit...
  • They create Green Jobs!
  • They reduce litter!
  • They protect the landfills, because if they are not thrown away they will not be in the landfills for hundreds of years while they decompose.
  • They reduce global contamination of our oceans. Plastics that wind up in the ocean release nasty toxins that the fish ingest and that we then ingest when we eat the fish and then, which over time, accumulate in our bodies which can cause disease.